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Congratulations to Best Awards Toitanga finalist, Extended Whanau for 'Ōtairongo'.

Design: Extended Whanau, 2020
01 Oct 2020

Panel Discussion: 'Whiteness in public media' with Althea Banda-Hansmann, Anna Czarnik-Neimeyer, Matt Ritani

Public Programme
Althea Banda-Hansmann is a coach, facilitator, consultant and spiritual director. She is the founder of Transforming Moments Consulting CC. Born and raised in the intensity of the Apartheid years in South Africa, Althea is passionate about leadership development, racial healing, diversity and spiritual formation. From 2006 - 2011, She facilitated industry black economic redress, diversity, inclusion, and human resource development initiatives in the petroleum sector across the seven oil majors: BP Southern Africa, Chevron, Engen Petroleum, PetroSA, Shell South Africa, and Total South Africa.  Althea sees her role as offering ’midwifery’ for people and organizations to birth that which they most desire and that which is their purpose in the world. She possesses a toolset of effective approaches that enables her to flexibly support others as they work toward transformation, while enabling development of a next-generation of change-makers. Althea holds the hope that where we are able to do our racial healing work well in this generation, collectively we will leave behind a healthy foundation for healing the wound of racial trauma for the 9th generation, 225 years from now. Althea graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles, where she majored in Psychology and Politics with a minor in German. Althea is a member of Coaches and Mentors for South Africa, the South African Thinking Environment Collegiate, Spiritual Directors International as well as a cohort member for the Theory of Spiritual Formation Program. www.transformingmoments.co.za
08 Oct 2020

The Other's Agency Anonymous with Millie Dow and guests

Public programme
*how I learned to stop worrying and love the nausea*
Millie Dow
10 Oct 2020

Recommenced: Talatala i fala (Un-weaving the mat) with Jasmine Tuiā

Public programme
14 Oct 2020

'Guy Ngan: Public Art Hero' - Art Week 2020 Special Presentation by Bronwyn Holloway-Smith.

Art Week 2020
15 Oct 2020

Panel Discussion: ‘Hidden Agenda’ with Vanessa Mei Crofskey and guests (Art Week)

Public programme
17 Oct 2020

Artist Chit Chat with Claudia Kogachi and Tyson Campbell

Public programme
23 Oct 2020

Aura 2020: Sovereign Pacific / Pacific Sovereigns


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08 May – 16 Jul 2020

Artspace Aotearoa Digital Residency

06 Mar – 04 Jul 2020


*Ōtairongo*, Maree Sheehan. Credit: Sam Hartnett 2020 *Ōtairongo*, Maree Sheehan. Credit: Sam Hartnett 2020
01 Feb – 07 Feb 2020

Queer Pavilion 2020


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Reading room

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Nausea
Millie Dow
August 2020
Traversing the seen and unseen
Nigel Borell
March 2020
Avenging Karangahape's Endgame
Samuel Te Kani
August 2019

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