A note on the website

Like the road it is situated on, Artspace has played several roles: as a meeting place, a hangout, a place to learn and observe; a space for a loose knit community to use and inhabit as fit.

Starting with the internal chronology of the day to day operation of Artspace as a public institute, the revised Artspace website is designed to reflect the overlapping cadences of fast and slow, informal and formal programming, both within Artspace and outwards into it’s greater community.

Beyond simple transparency, we seek to provide an open window that is capable of reflecting what is happening from the unique perspective of Artspace. If we’re lucky, we might find the gallery walls to become porous, exposing fertile ground for new growth.

– Dexter & Son La

Going forward

Please let us know through this survey when you discover bugs, want to offer suggestions or in general give your opinion on the new website. You can find the short survey here.