Tuesday 02 October 2018, 6:00pm

1 + 1 = Many of Us: Knotting Workshop with Wai Ching Chan and Olyvia Hong

Date Tuesday 02 October 2018
Time 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location Artspace, 1/300 Karangahape Rd
Entry Free and open to all
Part of The River Remains; ake tonu atu

You are invited to participate in 1+1 = Many of Us, an evening workshop and conversation between artists Wai Ching Chan and Olyvia Hong as part of the October public programme for the current exhibition The River Remains; ake tonu atu at Artspace NZ.

Facilitated by the artists, this workshop will encounter an immersive conversation surrounding connection, aspiration and hope. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn knotting techniques that Wai Ching Chan has applied in her two exhibited works, ‘What can I give you in return… (長長久久)’ and ‘wúqióngwújìn wújìnwúqióng’.

‘The Button Knot’ symbolises holding what was separated together, ‘The Caisson Knot’ establishes connection to the ‘world’ and us and ‘The Endless Knot’ is typically seen as the ‘Good Luck Knot’; ultimate, eternal blessings, friendship and connection. Reflecting on the relationship she has with Aotearoa and tāngata whenua as tauiwi, the exhibited works are ‘letters’ she wrote with the hopes to strengthen the bonds between the history of Aotearoa, the people and the land.

Olyvia Hong's Breeding Negotiations is a rendition of how a protest group might come together like an exhibition comes together. Here, the complexities of each of the three components are related to performing within institutional structures. The first part of the work ‘Assessment Criteria’ for ‘Potential Opportunities’ acts within the limitations of the performer and the suspended reflective object, Play With Control, employs an army of plastic and ceramic dog figurines confronting the asymmetries of power and the screen printed work Once you've done a bit of winning, the bug has bitten comments on the nature of achievement within the institution itself: "What does it mean to be the 'best in show' when the participant is contractually bound to heel?"

You will be asked to write down a wish, aspiration or hope on a piece of paper to be later added to the rope. At the end of the workshop the rope will be joined together, there will be a roll of mop string available on the day and visitors are welcome to bring materials to add along the way.

This Artspace NZ event is free and open to everyone. Nau Mai Haere Mai.