There are no failures, everything is working was published on the occasion of 4/4, the 2019 New Artists Show, exhibited at Artspace Aotearoa in two exhibitions spanning 30 August – 28 September and 11 October – 09 November.

It includes a foreword by Lachlan Taylor, followed by written contributions from Owen Connors, Jade Kake, Abbra Kotlarczyk, and Jane Wallace, who were invited to collaborate with one of the artists included in 4/4: Daniel John Corbett Sanders, Anh Trần, Severine Costa, and Xander Dixon.

Each writer was paired with an artist and dialogue was encouraged between the two as the exhibition developed. The texts included in There are no failures, everything is working are expressions of these writers' own creative interests and written practice, realised in response to the practice of their artist collaborator.

This publication was made possible through the generous support of the Chartwell Trust, and was designed and risograph printed by Index Press.

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