Richard Maloy

C-type prints
600 x 500 mm
BROWN - edition of 3, 1 available
ORANGE - edition of 3, sold out
PINK - edition of 3, sold out
Purple - edition of 3, sold out
$1200 (framed)

Richard Maloy is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in sculpture, photography, installation and moving image. Drawing from process and performativity, Maloy creates work that is attuned to the politics of space and time, moving between sculptural installation and performance.

Maloy takes his materials from everyday matter, using cardboard, tape, paint and staples. He liberates them from their utility; folding, bending, piling, cutting and joining. Maloy highlights the formal qualities of his informal materials, responding to self-imposed restrictions, and in turn the physical site. His work is playful, works evolving and revealing themselves constantly, making every reading provisional. What is seen by the viewer is just as quickly dismantled and reconstructed, creating new assemblages and tactilities.

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