Jennifer Nocon

Extensions 1-13, 2006
Dimensions variable
Dyed felt

Extension 1 Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey and White
Extension 2 Black, Red and White
Extension 3 Purple, Yellow and Turquoise
Extension 4 Brown, Navy Blue, Pink and White
Extension 5 Purple, Yellow, Red and Brown
Extension 6 Light Purple, Yellow, Brown and White
Extension 7 Turquoise, Red, White and Purple
Extension 8 Green, Purple and White
Extension 9 Black, Grey, White and Navy Blue
Extension 10 Black, Brown and Red
Extension 11 Pink, Brown and White
Extension 12 Pink, Yellow and Black
Extension 13 Light Purple, Yellow, White and Black

Through the poetics of sculpture and tactile materiality, Nocon’s interest in form traces the behavioural patterns in the human and non-human alike. Allured to concepts of kindness, hostility, generosity, warmth, coldness and hardness, Nocon’s compositions negotiate the fluctuating and convergent states of ‘mind’ and responsivity.

For Artspace Aotearoa Edition series Nocon has created a dyed felt sculpture that reflects repetitions and rhythms evident in the natural world.

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